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new musical by Yuriko Shibata and Andrew Strano

An elemental, impressionistic window into a world of yearning, queer identity, and parts of who we are that we so savagely cut ourselves off from, SKIN tells the story of Cath, Ed and their adult child Siobh as the tide of memory washes over them, threatening to reveal the secrets Cath has kept for years.


Award winning film directed by Hiroshi Okuyama

When Yura's family moves from Tokyo to the countryside, he enters a Christian school, a religion he knows nothing about. Yura struggles to understand the school structure and student behavior when a miniature Jesus enters his life.

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Laugh Again

cabaret by Yuriko Shibata and Erica Molfetto

Yuri Shibata and Erica Molfetto dreamed of stardom — and then, a global pandemic hit. The cabaret act that they wrote in 2019 was rendered meaningless without a world to perform it in. Therefore, Yuri and Erica did not laugh for a full year out of protest* (cough cough: depression*). But in 2021, they wrote a brand new act, featuring their own original music, and the comedy-stylings of Manhattan’s hottest female comedians. Watch the sold-out performance below!

Image credit: Shina Peng

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